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Frequently-Asked Questions

Q: I have been leasing a copier from another company and it is near the end of the lease. I have an option to buy the copier. Should I buy it or lease a different one? The company does not want to continue to service the older copier.

A: If you are happy with the features of the copier, Just Right Copiers will be happy to look at the copier and see if we can offer low-cost mainentance through our company. We can get parts for almost all brands of copiers.

Q: The cost of ink for the copier in my office costs more than the equipment! How can I find a copier that uses less ink?

A: Copiers that use toner instead of ink may cost more upfront, but are less expensive to use. Give Just Right Copiers a call and we will provide cost comparison information.

Q: My copy machine breaks down frequently. How can I find a better copier for low cost?

A: Copiers are designed for different usage loads. If the copier was designed for 5,000 copies per month and you are making 20,000 copies, the machine may break down easily. We offer refurbished copy machines at low prices. Less-frequent maintenance will be needed if you buy a heavy-duty refurbished copier instead of a low-cost new copier for the same price.

Q: Do you offer multifunction copiers?

A: Yes, we offer both new and used multifunction copiers for use on computer networks. These machines can fax, scan, print, distribute, and archive documents. We offer the complete line of Muratec equipment with a wide range of document imaging solutions.